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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tool #3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources

Tool #3:  Finding Online Video and Image Resources

  1. I found that YouTube, PBS, and Discovery Education have some useful biology materials that I already use in my classroom.  YouTube is easy to embed into a blog.  
  2. I added a video clip on natural selection research.  This is relevant to what my students are studying right now.  Here is a link to an interesting video clip on whales from the PBS site.
  3. Educators are protected as long as they publish to a secure location and are using the materials for educational (nonprofit) purposes.  Teachers cannot publish copyrighted material to a class website, which is open to the public.  It must be password protected.  Copyrighted materials can be used for instructional purposes.
  4. Dropbox allows users to access files from IPads, Iphones, and home computers, which is useful when you need frequent access to work files for lessons.  Both Dropbox and GoogleDocs are locations where students can leave assignments and view important class documents. 

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